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Items Needed:
Rolling Pin
Fondant Smoother
Cornstarch / Powdered Sugar
Cardstock Paper of Your Choice. Make sure it’s embossed.

Roll out your fondant about 1/8” thick. Roll out to # 2 if you are using a pasta roller. Apply a generous amount of your cornstarch / powdered sugar mix to the fondant. Place your stock paper on your fondant embossed side up and press down with your fondant smoother with a good amount of pressure.

Once you have finish, lift up one side of your paper holding down the other to make sure your impression is even. Do this for both sides while holding down the opposite side of your paper in order to avoid double impression. If you need to make an area more defined, lay down your paper and reapply pressure in that area.

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What a great idea… will definitely try it! Thank you.

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Awesome tutorial and share, thank you!!!!

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briliant thanks so much for the tip

Fab technique thank you!

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That is stunning, thank you!

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Very clever!

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