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face "tutorial"

Now, I am sooooo not an expert, but I have been inspired by you experts out there!!! I TRIED the ways the experts do it, sculpting from a single ball of fondant, but I just couldn’t do it!!!! My face ends up all squashed, I just cant get it. My daughters birthday is coming up and of course she wants fairies all over it- I wanted learn to do nicer faces….. anyway this is what I came up with after researching lots of different ways on the internet lol Seriously, Im not an expert, just sharing the way that worked for me :)

I rolled out balls of gumpaste (I need 5 fairies!) stuck a toothpick in them and let them dry overnight. I added little balls of fondant for the cheeks, forehead and nose

cover the whole thing with flesh coloured fondant, then use tools to define each area- the cheeks, the eye sockets and nose. I’m sorry the pic is a bit blurry. Looks creepy I know ;)

next really define the eye shape and push down the fondant to make a recess where the where the “eyeballs” will go

now dust “eye shadow” and blush on the eyes and cheeks- I know creepy. And I may have gone overboard on the make up lol

make some TINY lips (dust them before you put them on!) blurry again :(

use a toothpick or other tool to create a dot at the end of each side of the lips. Also, fill in the eyes with small dots of white fondant and use a small tool to push the fondant where you want it to go…. I then coloured in green eyes with an edible pen, made black flecks in the eyes and an iris too :)

roll out a thin black sausage for eye lashes and place over the eye. I also traced the bottom eyelid with an edible pen too :)

roll 3 TINY black sausages and join into a “fan” on your hand. Attach to the eye

You can also draw eyebrows or use tiny sausages of fondant . Also, add whatever hair! I just added good old garlic press hair just for the finished pic. I will add her actual hair when I have her body lol. You may also want to add ears !

-- Karen,

face tutorial


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!!


Thanks for sharing!:)


Wow interesting

Calli Creations

Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for sharing this – love how the ugly duckling turned into a swan :)



K Cakes

Turned out well. Thanks for sharing.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I think your face is lovely. All faces are subjective…there’s no “correct” looking face. Your tutorial is very helpful…

Pink Ann's Cakes

Love this ❤


Good job

Elli Warren

Brilliant tutorial!!! Thank you!!! :-) x

Despoina Karasavvidou

Thanks for sharing!


looks great! thanks for sharing x


Great tip and will admit faces aren’t the easiest of things to do xx

Sonia Huebert

This is really cute <3 Great job!