HELP! I hav a problem with GOLD color!

Hello good people !

I have a biig problem on having the exact gold color i want on my cakes . I bought a lottt of products still cant find the right one ! Spray! Dust! …. but i want shinning like real gold ! It shine only on dark chocolate like this

But i want to have that look on fondant ! Do you hav any ideas what could be the problem!?




to make the fondant looks like gold, i have to dye light brown fondant and then i use the airbrush with gold dust and gin. kisses!


So it has to be brown at the first ! dark color you mean?


brown tone depends on the type of gold you want: old gold, light gold …if you need an old gold on your cake, you should dye the fondant with darker brown (like chocolate) but if you want a lighter gold, you can dye with ivory

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Yes exactly! I tint it with ivory color first, than add old color with a brush:)


Yes i will try that cuz on this pic i used modeling dark choclate nd when i dust it it looks like bronze

Allways Julez

For this cake, I made my royal icing, then tinted it with a combination of yellow and caramel colour. When it was dry, I used a fine paintbrush to paint gold colour over it. The gold used here is “Creative” brand Pearlescent Ultra Gold, which I mixed with alcohol.

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Nice tips!

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Very informative x

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great topic, thank you!


Have you tried gold leaf?



I had the same problem some time back… but I think I figured out my problem.
I use A very fine gold lustre dust in the shade I want my cake to be, and add it to edible paint base.
Try to saturate the paint base with the lustre dust as much as possible, so that the gold paint you create is even and shiny.
I have used this “paint” on all shades of fondant, and it has come out perfect every time.

Hope this helps