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Sporty Cupcakes #1: Lifesize Cricket Ball Cupcake

Step 1 – Baking and Preparation

NOTE – use a firm sponge (e.g. Madeira) for the tops.

Bake half-sphere cakes (sized to match cupcake base). Once cooled, return to tray, trim level to create flat base. Turn out onto a new cake board or clean work surface.

Bake corresponding quantity of cupcakes. Once cooled, trim the top flat and cover to prevent drying out.

Step 2

Buttercream the domed surface of the half-sphere cake in preparation for covering with sugarpaste (fondant).

Roll out red paste to 5mm thickness, cut a large circle and apply to buttercreamed half-sphere. Smooth paste as needed, neatly trimming away any excess.

Use a cocktail stick to draw the central ball seam.
(NB. do not cut through the sugarpaste)

Step 3

Use white royal icing with a fine tipped plain nozzle to apply the cricket ball stitching pattern.

Buttercream the surface of your trimmed cupcake and apply the ball top. If desired, you can then place the cupcake in a second decorative cupcake wrapper.

-- Mandy x --

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Allways Julez

Thanks, Mandy!

Sato Seran

Thank you Mandy.

Mandy's Sugarcraft

My pleasure x

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Thanks so much!

Mandy's Sugarcraft

No problem x

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Thanks for this Mandy, my family are all sporty types, so I am sure I will be getting to make these very soon. x

Mandy's Sugarcraft

The cricket ball is the easiest of the three ;-) :-D