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Cake prices

Hello everyone well I keep coming across many customers who keep saying my prices are expensive. I have my own bakery and with all the overhead cost I feel that my prices are quit reasonable. I had a lady call me and ask me for a quote on a 3 tiered cake for a graduation as well as a quote for 20 cake pops. I told her the cost for the cake would be $120 and I would need to see the picture of her idea and the price would go up depending on the amount of detail. She almost had a heart attack and asked me if she got a smaller cake that would cost less. I asked her what her budget was and she said she didn’t know and she really didn’t have a budget in mind. Seriously for not having a budget in mind you would have thought the price I gave her was good. Well I want to know what you all think and if you’ve come across this problem. I really wanted to tell her to go buy a $20 sheet cake form BJ’s if she felt my prices were to much but I felt that would be rude so I didn’t say much. HELP!!

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You work is good and your prices are very reasonable. If the customer wants a cheaper cake show her what she can get in her budget. We all face this problem. On Ron Ben Israel’s blog you see that even they have that problem too and who in their right mind would say that his cakes are too expensive. Cakes take a long time to do and it is better to do less really well for those who can appreciate your work.

Becky Pendergraft

That is an EXTREMELY reasonable price for a 3-tier cake!! She’s obviously one expecting Sam’s Club prices with custom bakery results.


3 tiered cake and your starting out at $120…that is VERY good. The three tiered hot pink and black hearts I charged $127, and that was below my normal serving price (it was for a very good friend of mine).

Your cakes are amazing. Some people just dont understand that a cake for 75 people is for 75 people no matter how you slice the cake. I once tried to explain to lady who wanted a cake for 120 people no matter how many tiers I make or dont make the cake will feed 120 people. STICKER SHOCK!

I wouldnt go down on prices. People will start to wonder why your so cheap.

You could always tell them like I do… A $4 cup of coffee isnt expensive until you buy 10.

Jenniffer White

I try to explain to my clients that this the largest single food item you will probably ever purchase. Then I ask them how much they think it would cost if they took 200 (or their serving number) of their closest friends to an OK restaurant and treated them to dessert. Then I ask them what they think it would cost if that “OK” restaurant made that dessert to their exact specifications. IF they can be swayed or convinced, this usually does it.