Cute penguins

How to make these little penguins:-)
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In attesa dell’Epifania potete sbizzarrirvi con i vostri bambini e realizzare insieme dolci creazioni. Simpatici e coloratissimi pinguini in pasta di zucchero daranno un tocco di allegria a questi ultimi giorni di vacanza.

You Need:

  • sugar paste black, white , orange, blue , red and green
  • edible glue
  • white colorant
  • scalpel
  • silicone rolling pin
  • leaf tool
  • cutter oval
  • cutter in the shape of heart
  • mini cutter circular
  • ball tool
  • fine paintbrush

For the body of the penguin take a scoop of sugar paste black and give it the shape of a drop , on which you will support a ball for the head.
Roll out the white sugar paste and cut out an oval and a heart with the cutter .
Apply the oval on the body of the penguin on the head and the heart .
With a small ball tool formed the eye sockets , within which you insert two small balls of sugar paste and blue , then two black balls for the pupils .
Molded pulp orange cone-shaped with a scalpel and incidetela in half to create the beak, you are going to apply under the eyes.
For paws used two balls of dough orange of equal size , which will give the shape of a drop flattened . With the help of a mini cutter circular finish the ends of the legs to get the shape palmata .
Roll out of sugar paste and black , with the cutter oval , formed wings of the penguin that will apply with edible glue or , more simply, with water .
Roll out the red sugar paste and cut out a rectangle rather thin scarf . With the help of the scalpel carve the ends to create fringe , then wrap the scarf around the neck of the penguin .
For the earmuffs used two balls and flatten a small strip of red sugar paste . Apply the balls on the sides of the head and connect them with the strip. With the leaf tool created the effect wool poking here and there. With a thin brush apply the points of light in the eye and decorations on the scarf to taste.

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COOL! These are adorable and the tutorial is so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing Barbara! =D

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So very sweet….

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