I was born in Italy, my mother is English and my father is Italian, but in my first years I lived in Chile.

The place where I live now is Vancouver BC, and I have Gelato and pastry shop, called Nuvola Gelato.

I spent all my life in Milan, I’m an Industrial Designer and I’ve been working for many years in Design projects, in Retail Design and Interior projects.

When I became a mother, all my priorities changed, my interests changed, my whole life changed.

I studied Art and Crafts as a teen, and everything that involved creating was fun for me, with my first daughter Giulia, I re-discovered the joy of creating and playing with materials.

I grew up in a family where the culture of food was very strong and cooking was a very important part of the day, planning our meals and our parties was the best time, my brother cooks, my mother cooked the best English meals and cakes, my husband and I always loved to cook together and our life is now changing towards the cooking “experience”.

I decided to make a cake for Giulia’s birthday, in 2010, and the everything began…I loved to work with fondant and never stopped since then.

In 2011 I attended classes with Tamara Blunotte, Makiko Searle, Francesca Manciati, Debbie Brown, Antonella Di Maria and Claudia Prati, and my love for the cake art took advantage and so I decided to go directly to the temple of cake decorating and design, in the UK at Squires Kitchen, were I had the honor to meet and learn from Paddy Clark, Eddie Spence, Carlos Lischetti and Alan Dunn.

This is now my hobby and my job, I love creating and testing new materials, techniques, textures, colors, and teaching to others the ABC and the secrets to create a work of art.

Art and food, two primary elements of Italian culture, together with my British origin, are the basis of my childhood and the perfect mixture for this passion.


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