Emma Lake - Cut The Cake Kitchen


Emma Lake - Cut The Cake Kitchen

Sep 2014 506 Ellesmere

Hello Cakers, I'm Emma I run Cut The Cake Kitchen.

I've been cake making and decorating for 7 years.

Based in Ellesmere Shropshire UK, I work from my home cake studio.

When I'm in need of a cake break here I come to cakes decor for my fix of everybody else's talent and hard work.

Your all amazing.


-- Emma Cut The Cake Kitchen



Hi Emma :-) I’m looking forward to seeing more of your creations on here.
Amanda x

Emma Lake - Cut The Cake Kitchen

Thanks Amanda, I’m really just finding my feet. X

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Gorgeous cakes Emma……..youre welcome!!! ;-)


Hi there Emma! Lovely work you do!! You have a new follower here!

il mondo di ielle

Hi Emma! Fantastic cakes!

Emma Lake - Cut The Cake Kitchen

Thank you. I’m still learning. X

Sweet Fusion Cakes (Anjuna)

Hi Emma. Thank you for the follow. New follow for you. xx

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Hi Emma :) awesome cakes!


Hi Emma, thanks for the follow!!! Following you back :)

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

beautiful cakes x

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Hi Emma,new follow for your fab cakes from me!x

secretos verde violeta

Fantasticos tus trabajos querida amiga, despues de un tiempo alejada, veo que has trabajado mucho y hermoso❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏