Wafer Paper Flowers Cakes

Amor… a wedding cake with wafer paper techniques - Cake by Bennett Flor Perez
Peony cake - Cake by Diana
Willis - Cake by Dozycakes
From Bulgaria with Love - Cake by Petya Shmarova
Bird House and the sparrow - Cake by Bethann Dubey
Anniversary cake  - Cake by Gungun Chanda
green and gold marble spring weddingcake - Cake by Judith-JEtaarten
Cake with wafer paper orchids. - Cake by TortIva
Cake with bouganville flowers  - Cake by Arianna
Daffodil Cake - Cake by Teresa Davidson
Gentle Peony flower  - Cake by Sweet Steffi
Birthday cake  - Cake by Radmila
Birthday cake  - Cake by Radmila
Simplicity is more - Cake by Caking with love
"Shabby Chic Cake" - Cake by Aspasia Stamou
Wedding cake - Cake by AnkaP