Daniel Guiriba


Daniel Guiriba

Feb 2016 918 Philippines

Homebaker for almost 4 yrs, and self study in baking and designing cakes.

-- Daniel Bakes


Sandra Smiley

Thank you for your support, Daniel! I love your work and am following you back! Love, love the rooster :o))

Daniel Guiriba

Thank you Sandra.. CakesDecor is Amazing and so much fun:)


Hi Daniel nice to meet you.
I’m honored you’re following me!
Your cakes are masterpieces and I’m folliwing you back! :)

Daniel Guiriba

Thank you so much Clara, 😀

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Daniel, I did not realize that I was not following you here!

Daniel Guiriba

Its ok, thank you again, 😀


Thank you for the follow,I’m following you back!

Daniel Guiriba

Thank you lala

Little Apple Cakes

Thank you so much for the follow, sending one back your way :)


ahhh Daniel! I am following you here !!

Daniel Guiriba

Hi, thank you very much😀


Beautiful cakes, you have a new follower

Zuzana Bezakova

Hi Daniel. Thank you for follow. Following back. Beautiful cakes👍

Cakes by Evička

Thank you for following! I follow you, too. Beautiful cakes!! :-)

Carla Poggianti Il Bianconiglio

Thank you ❤️for following