Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School


Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

Nov 2014 378 Linlithgow, Scotland

Inspired by my Gran, I always had a passion for cake decorating. I went to Telford college to learn baking and cake design and afterwards went to work in Oliphant’s bakery in Linlithgow. Initially starting as a baker l soon carved out a niche for myself in the cake department.

Looking to enhance my skills I moved to a top cake company in Glasgow in early 2001. In early 2002 I had the fantastic opportunity to start my own business when I founded Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes.

In 2011 I decided to change my focus from creating designer wedding cakes and birthday cakes to teaching how to make them via my cake decorating courses and tutorials.

You can learn how to make all of my cakes featured on here via my website

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Calli Creations

Hiya Paul! Delighted to see you have joined Cakes Decor with your fantastic cakes and to inspire us all…. Welcome.. 😄😄

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

Thanks for the warm welcome Calli!! Can’t wait to get started!! <3 xxx

Calli Creations

:) …. Great news!!

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

Yay Paul i love your work, so pleased to see you on cakesdecore. xx

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

Thank you for the warm welcome Ellie! So lovely to be on here!! xx

Shell at Spotty Cake Tin

Hi Paul and Team

Great to see you on here finally

Kind regards

Shell Robinson x

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

Hi Spotty Cake Tin!!

Thank you for the warm welcome! Excited to be apart of this! xx

Sugarpatch Cakes

Hi Paul, thanks for following me, so stunned!! Great to see you here, I love your cake school and your fabulous work <3

Nanna Lyn Cakes

Hi Paul, so glad to see you here, love PBSS just wished I lived closer to be able to attend your courses but love your tutorials and sometimes you just make me laugh out loud with your comments and antics. Lovely easy go tutorials making things a lot clearer for us all x

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

Thanks for all the support guys!! Sending you all my love<3 xx

Veenas Art of Cakes

Hi Paul!! Looks like you have the same resolution as me!! To get back and busy on CD. Great to see your cakes here <3

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

Yay!! Me too! Happy New Year to you Veena! xxx


Just realised you were on cd 👏👏 another place to stalk your fab creations 😆 xx


Just seen you are on Cakes Decor and can stalk you here too! Xx

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

Yay!! Thank you for following you guys! <3 xx