Octonauts for Little James

Octonauts for Little James
Octonauts for Little James Octonauts for Little James

I really get quite attached to some of my cakes and this is one of them !! Absolutely love making this little crew for a little boy who is 3 today. His mummy was very happy with the cake , not knowing at all what I’m up to ! ..she only told me that it should be Octonauts and that’s how I liked it ! :) Hope you like xxx

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Wow, what an awesome cake, It’s fabulous! Well dine! :-)

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Thank you cakemummy ! I was absolutely very little again when I made this .. always wanted to do a sea theme – …. and this was a perfect Friday night relax session! :) x

Wallace x http://www.facebook.com/AWGHobbyCakes

Wallace, really cute! I only saw the sneak peek pic on FB :-)

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Its fantastic!
The ship on top is great, I love it when people leave it up to me, then I can go all out!
My son loves the octonauts xx

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thank you Christine x I normally make my models well in advance but with this one I could not get my head around their sizes until the ship was done ! phew .. luckily not too much drying required on these characters … I encourage free reign hehe.. then I can do JUST as a please.. love it !

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Really awesome job Wallace! I think it’s my fave of all your cakes so far and they are getting better and better! =D

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Thank You Violet , I really appreciate your compliment :) – (as all your cakes rock!:) hehe) I can’t believe how much I learn playing for fondant. xx

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