Ramen'ses Return

Ramen'ses Return
Ramen'ses Return Ramen'ses Return

Hi everyone! This is my very first entry for Threadcakes! I’m excited to be participating this year :) The mummy stands 14 inches tall and sits on a 1 × 2 ft cake board. If you follow the link, I have a detailed description and lots of step by step pics! Thanks for looking! :D http://www.threadcakes.com/entries/view/1661



Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! How clever and creative you are!! I love how the mummy is made with the ramen noodles!!!! Must have taken you forever to excrude all of the noodles from fondant!

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Super fantastic!

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Absolutely amazing I love him!

This is terrific!!!!! Must have taken a while, all that wrapping! What a great idea

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Wow…awesome details and a great job on all those “noodles”! =D

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WOW!!! that is just incredibly well done!! love the idea…. very orignal

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