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Barcardi cake!

Made this for a friends husband who turned 40! This was such a wonderful cake to make! I cut the form out myself and at first the bottle looked like a champagn bottle but I managed to get it more the shape of the Barcardi bottle! I dusted it with mother of Pearl dust which gave a lovely effect! I really enjoyed making this cake!

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Very nice bottle and amazing details like the lemon wedges!

Karen Dodenbier

Thanks Dina!

Laura Loukaides

Love this, so clean and detailed!!
Great work!! Xx

Karen Dodenbier

Thank you so much Laura!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

You did an amazing job!

Karen Dodenbier

Thanks Toni!

Elli Warren

Love this! lemon wedges and ice are brilliant! :-)

Karen Dodenbier

Thanks you elli!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Great details Karen!!! Well done!!! xxx


Don’t know how I missed this one. Great job!


Wow! Love the lemon wedges and the mint. Did you bake the cake in a cylinder/tin can? Or carve it fully?

Karen Dodenbier

Thank you Raika! I used 3 ordinary round cakes to make this and then carved it out myself to form the shape! Very challenging but I was very pleased with my results!



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Barcardi cake!