Fables & Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood ~

Fables & Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood ~
Fables & Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood ~ Fables & Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood ~ Fables & Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood ~ Fables & Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood ~

To my little angel, Ashlee, who turned 6 some weeks ago, a very belated happy birthday to you! You are the most wonderful little girl, patiently waiting for mummy to organise your birthday party as you watched me create every other person’s cake other than yours week in, week out. While I felt terrible about the delay, you assured me that you didn’t mind waiting for your birthday party as long as I made your cake spectacular and well, hopefully I did you proud . Sometimes, I look at my little girl and think that she is wise beyond her 6 years, often displaying a level of empathy and maturity that seriously makes me proud. Ash had recently done a speech on her favourite narrative, Little Red Riding Hood, so we hatched a plan to create our own whimsical interpretation of this fairy tale. Ash is a bit of a book worm so I thought that I’d incorporate those cute little worms into the design and also create a “book” for the bottom tier to reflect that the theme comes from a fairy tale. I decided on a hexagonal middle tier to represent her age and well, the top tier was meant to be an apple but somehow turned into a cross between a cherry and an apple? LOL. Of course we had to incorporate the main characters of the story to bring the cake to life! To my little girl, I love you with all my heart and all the time spent on this cake was totally worth the effort! xx

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oh this is magnificent and Ashlee must have been totally overjoyed! well worth waiting even another YEAR for this if necessary I am sure!! Oh my goodness, what a CAKE! :)

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This is so gorgeous! What a sweet little girl you have! I am sure she loved her beautiful cake. It is obvious the love you put into this beauty!

It is gorgeous!!! I have 5 kids and all 4 of my boys did not get cakes this year and my poor daughters cake was thrown together last minute, it is sad I guess but I think my kids are just about caked out’,lol.

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This is absolutely spectacular! I love your amazing design, cute little figures, and the apple on top. I’m sure your little girl is the apple of your eye!! Truly a cake worth waiting for!

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Wonderful cake!!! Gorgeous details!!! What a lovely girl you have!!! Happy Belated Birthday to your little one!!! xxx

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Super awesome!

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