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A cake stand made by us and covered in sugar paste, with a small cake on top. The deliver was made by a Panda witch is a favourite TV channel icon amogst kids around this place


Such a gorgeous cake, love everything about it x

-- Sweet Jepsons

Aaah!!!! This is fantastic ! Would love to see a big smile on a birthday girl’s face when she saw her cake !

-- Joanna

Thanks Everyone, and Yes, the smile on the birthday girl’s face, her mom and ant was priceless :D


What a beautiful cake!

Absolutely amazing, well done!

-- Xclusive, HTTP://

The best as always! Bjs

-- Margarida Duarte @ Lisbon, Portugal • Please visit and like my page @

I love this such a great cake and idea.

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

This is an amazing cake, I love it!!!

-- Karla, Italy,

Thanks Everyone! It really gratifying reading your words! It was an adorable cake to do!