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Gramophone Cake

This cake has a very special meaning for us, since it’s meant to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a very great and close friend that’s a musician!
Everytime we refer to him we thing of music! So… what better cake then a gramophone tht almost works?! : Notice the position of the needle between pictures ;)
You should have seen the expression on the faces of the grownups rotating the handle… they loked like kids !!! It was has priceless!!! :D

-- http://www.facebook.com/Pirikos

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great job!


Amazing job you’ve done!

The Cake Tin

Fabulous, this is great.

Pirikos, Cake Design

Thank you for your nice words! :D

Verusca Walker

Fantastic!!!!! Wow!!!!

Pirikos, Cake Design

Muito obrigado Verusca Walker! Sim, descobrimos à pouco que também fala o Português ;)

Ange Cliffe

Fantastic cake !

Outrageous Cakes Tampa Bakery

WOW!!! That is awesome! What a great job!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Pensei que tinha comentado este bolo???? Está FANTÁSICO!!! It’s FABULOUS!!! Congratulations on Top3!!!xxx

Donna Sanders

Amazing… Love it!

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Gramophone Cake