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Leigha's baby shower cake

This was the 4th cake I ever made (from spring of 2010). I laugh so hard when I realize how ridiculous this “pregnant” girl is with her loud make up, her stringy hair, the angle of her head and best of all, her GINORMOUS boobs! Bwahaha! At least I remembered a wedding ring! ;) WASC cake, vanilla bean American butter cream inside and out. Hey, we all started somewhere. Thanks for laughing along with me!! xx


Super cute none the less Ms. Peggy! I love her baby bump!

-- Creative Cakes by Chris

No laughing here!! Only your 4th cake, and it is amazing!! Look at that SMOOTH buttercream! I love the lettering and your pregnant figure!!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

I think she’s gorgeous and looks pleased as punch with her bump :)

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

I am particularly fond of her flowery trousers/pants. And, BTW, my boobs WERE that ginormous during pregnancy. I think you did a fab job and I’d be pleased to model a peoples that good now!

-- Lots of tutorials at:

This is absolutely adorable!! Love it!!!

-- Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe

Um, Peggy – was just going to point out that “the girls” do tend to well, plump up a bit lol! You probably did quite well! ;) Lovely cake as always – dunno what you’re fussing about!

-- Becky, North Carolina,

I love your cakes, how do you do the lettering?

Peggy, I’m looking, but I"m not laughing. This cake is killer awesome! Beautiful job!

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