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The Toast Rack & Fried Egg

This is a building cake that was asked to create as a surprise for an architect’s 40th birthday. It’s an iconic building in south Manchester, UK, especially those who are/have been students in the city. It is actually called The Hollings building but has been nicknamed The Toast Rack and the round building next door is The Fried Egg. I simplified the numbers of windows slightly but was particularly keen to recreate the floating “loops”, which I was particularly pleased with :)

-- Cakes by Beth, UK

Fantastic – how nerve racking making that for an Architect!!! Yikes!! Well done you deserve a cake medal for that one! xxx

-- ClairellaCakes Essex UK

Amazing work!!!

-- Analaria1

Thanks very much everyone! Bit of a weird subject for anyone who hasn’t been to Manchester to appreciate…but if you’ve studied here, hopefully it brings a wave of nostalgia! ;) xx

-- Cakes by Beth, UK

What an amazing job!

Very cool – great job! I hope the recipient was pleased.

Thanks so much! :)

3DSweets: apparently she was pleased! So much so in fact, she wouldn’t let anyone cut the cake. Doh! xx

-- Cakes by Beth, UK


-- Dream Cakes and Creations, Australia

Thank you very much guys, much appreciated! xx

-- Cakes by Beth, UK