Beth Mottershead


Beth Mottershead

Jul 2012 112 Manchester, UK

Research scientist turned cake designer, specializing in contemporary cakes for luxury weddings and events.

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Fifi's Cakes

congratulations!! Cake Decorator of the Week!! awesome work… xxx

Beth Mottershead

Thank you so much Fifi, I can’t believe it! xx

Calli Creations

Beth, I am DELIGHTED to see you as Cake Decorator of the week… you know how I feel about you and your AMAZING works of art!! You are so well deserved to be in this lime plight… what an amazing talent you are :) Congratulations!!

Beth Mottershead

Thank you Calli! It’s all happened so quickly and all at once, it’s hard to get my head around. I was just minding my own business…with my business…when all of a sudden, it’s all gone crazy! Really looking forward to hopefully meeting you soon! {hoping that this has been received in a less stalkerish way than it possibly sounds!) xx

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Hey beth, congratulations on Cake decorator of the Week! Sorry it’s taken me so long, I’ve been swamped. Well done Lovely, your work is amazing :) xx

Beth Mottershead

Sorry for the delay in commenting, Raewyn! Thanks so much, amazing, what a week that was! xx

Maya Delices

your style is perfect

Allways Julez

Hi Beth… just found you, via your post… “birthday geckos”. LOVE your work! Julez

Beth Mottershead

Hi Julez, thanks so much and thanks for your lovely comments! I am not on here very often so I’m sure I’m under most people’s radars…I am trying to be more sociable though! :D xx

The Custom Cakery

Beth I recognise so many of your cakes when I have looked through, such a talent you have! And so many varied cakes. Love them all!