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One of very few 3D I have made.
I dropped him on the floor at the very end of the “photo session”. And I had to take a shot of that too :)

This is brilliant! His face is so cute, and I love his tummy :-D

-- Helenna at

Wow, wow, wow :)

-- Carole - The Cake Artisan, Liverpool, UK

so splendid!!! haha!! brilliance, even the ‘whoopsie’ on the floor! priceless and fabulous x

-- 'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

how did I miss his one!!! you are exceptionally talented!!! wow xx

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Oh my gosh just gorgeous.

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Thank you for every single word, my dear friends! You are the ones that make a cake completed, without you it wouldn’t be the seam, thanks!

beautiful works of art

-- art deco cakes by gali

artdecocakesbygali, thank you for your nice words!

Wow!!!! Beautiful!

-- SweetLasote

Wow.. amazing..

-- Cake Rocks!😆