Some cookies

Some cookies

A green cake

A green cake

In the garden

In the garden




Calli Creations

I just wanted to come by to say that I love your cakes so much…. You are very talented and clearly an ARTIST. wow… Vey inspiring xxx


Very impressed and amazing..


I am deeply grateful for your comments, dear friends! I wish I could really express how nice it feels.
Thank you!


Neli, I had such a fantastic time looking through all your cakes today! Do you have a Facebook page? I’d love to share some of your work with my likers – you have some serious talent!! xx


Hello, dear Helenna! A humble thanks for your lovely words!
I do have a FB address, it’s just that I barely use it. I should probably be oftener there, I (almost) promise to improve on that.
Her is the link:
Thank you once again!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Neli, I am just in love with your cakes!!! You are true talent! I saw some of your cakes pictures in russian magazines. Are you originally from Russia?

Sheryl BITO

wow your work is in a league of its own, so much artistry! Love all your creations <3


Love your cakes, so much intricate detail, it’s mindblowingly lovely

Jemlewka's cupcakes

Amazing cakes, a true inspiration and aspiration, and I love your clever twists to your designs from a new follower xxx

Claudia Consoli

Your cakes are incredibles, never seen more beautiful than yours! You are a very artist. :-)


*Gulnaz Mitchell *
I thank you so much for your nice comment!!!
No, I am from Bulgaria, but I can some Russian and I make some materials for that magazine.

Sheryl BITO, CakesbySasi, Jemlewkascupcakes1
Ladies, you are so very kind to me, I’m deeply grateful for every nice word, thank you, dear friends!

Oh, no!! You are way too kind, I do not deserve that, but your lovely words do make me happy! A great thanks to you and many nice wishes!

Fifi's Cakes

Neli, I have made a Pinterest Board just for you! Your work is exceptional. xx


Rosie Cake-Diva

This is incredibly beautiful Neli! Love it! :)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

YES!!!! Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the Week!!!! You really deserved it!!! Your work is EXCEPTIONAL!!!! xxx

Calli Creations

Neli… how exciting to see you at Cake Decorator of the week!!! so well deserved… love your creations, you are so inspiring and talented!!