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Rococo cake

This is a cake, that gave me really great pleasure to make. Everything with it was just joy, especially because I don’t have too many molds and I’m trying to find different other ways to solve the problems. This can be challenging, but a very giving process too.

My inspiration was the interior of the Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg Palace) in Germany.

oh wow!! AMAZING!!! xxx

WOW!!!!!! This is incredible! What talent!

Breathtaking!!!! You are not just a cake decorator but truly an artist. It takes great talent to be able to free style paint like this and you my sweet definately have the “IT” factor, that is for sure.

-- Tampa, Florida

Your cakes are AMAZING MASTERPICES!!! Shags is right you really got the “IT” factor!!! AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! xxx

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Wow, that is incredible. Absolutely beautiful!

-- Nicole ---

Wow! Spellbinding and magnificent masterpiece! Agree with Shags and Ana! you are so awesome! xxxx

-- Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Triple times outstanding! I would by a ticket to watch your cake in real life……..

-- Roos Simbula, Maarssen, The Netherlands

amazing, phononemal , wow

oh my word!!! Sent here by Pauline Bakes The Cake to check this out!! wowzers!! This is the most incredibly awesome cake I have ever seen!! wow!! I have added it to my Pinterest Board of Amazing Cakes!! I’m totally blown away.


-- 'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

Wow!! That is ART!!!, I love this kind of work… So inspiring xxx

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits


-- Antonella Di Maria Torte and Design

This is STUNNING, gosh you’re good!

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

outstanding! a true work of art!

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