Princess Peony

Princess Peony
Princess Peony

Teal MMF with gray-tinted royal icing victorian crochet stencil and sugar peony. The base tier is an 8" double barrel vanilla cake, filled with raspberry and white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. The top tier is 6" of the same flavour. Both were covered in white chocolate ganache before the fondant was applied.

Jacqueline: |


love the victorian crochet stencil :)

Love everything about it, the color, the stenciling and the flower!

Very elegant!

Ipshita, New Delhi, The Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita

Jacquee, what a beautiful, elegant, sophisticated cake! Love it! Your flower is gorgeous!!

Dina @ miettes,

Absolutely stunning. Can I be very cheeky and ask if you used a veining mould on the petals? x

Scrummy Mummy's Cakes, Almondsbury,

Wow!!!! I wake up and find this playing at the top of the charts already! Congratulations Jacquee :)

Radhika, Singapore,

wow! Thanks once again for all the positive feedback! Much appreciated.

Jacqueline: |