F100 3D car

F100 3D car
F100 3D car F100 3D car F100 3D car F100 3D car

I do make a lot of cars.
Almost one every week, and they all start the same way.
With a 10" square cake and a blue print. ;)
I do invest a lot of time on my carving and ganaching and I always make my fondanta lighter than the colour I want so I can play with my airbrush and add light and shade. I don’t like the shine on my car. It doesn’t come out nice on photos. But if the client ask I spray it with canola oil. It is perfect special if you do one day before. Is not to shine and adds a great extra to the car for the naked eye, not for photo but. ;)

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Fantastic!! That’s a great tip with the oil! This is brilliant! x

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this is amazing! thanks for all the tips!

Love your cars. So well done!

Wow, thanks for so much help with your description. Great job!


WOW!!! I love this cake and thank you so much for all the information you provided in its description… it is wonderful to learn new techniques… thank you :)

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