Quilled snowflakes

Quilled snowflakes
Quilled snowflakes Quilled snowflakes

Entry into a local sugarcraft competition here in Dublin/Ireland, which won 2nd prize. The quilled snowflakes are made from fondant and Squires florist paste 1:3. The Northpole is all sugarpaste as well except the globe which is made from Isomalt (I made a mould with silly putty from one of my kids marbels) and the wire on the sign. For the knit effect on the board you can find a tutorial link to a Russian website on my facebook page www.facebook.com/Splendor.Cakes.

Ellen, Ireland, https://www.facebook.com/Splendor.Cakes


I’m in love. What a great cake! Although I would probably never be able to do anything resembling this, I’m saving it to my favorites.

Wow! awesome!

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Well done on Daily top 3 as well as your second place in the competition… its such an eye catching design… I LOVE the snowflakes!!

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Beautiful cake. Care to site the source of inspiration for your "quilled"" snowflakes? I know I’ve seen them before but can’t remember where…

this is so unique!!! love it!!!

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