United Through Sugar

United Through Sugar
United Through Sugar United Through Sugar

My piece I have made for the United Through Sugar Collaboration.
To pay tribute to all of those who have given their time so freely over the past 18 months or so.
Miriam Pearson
Wicklow, Ireland.
I’ve been working with sugar since 1981, and am continuing to learn today
I run Sweet Creations online store at www.sweetcreations.ie and on all social media at Sweet Creations
I started doing lockdown live tutorials in March 2020 and continue some on a regular basis. I will also be back teaching live classes in 2022.
Its been my absolute pleasure to share this past few months with you all and to create this collaboration, so much has been given of all our teachers, together we have united, in the best possible way – through sugar.
I wanted to create this collaboration to give thanks to all of our teachers and those who shared in all of our Sugarcraft Groups.

Miriam Pearson