"The Red Fish"

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This is my contribution for PortugalWondersInSugar, an International Collaboration for celebrate Portugal.
A splendid nation, Portugal, for which I wanted to reproduce his art in the version of one of its great exponents: Henrique Medina de Barros, painter of the twentieth century. The work is entitled: “The Red Fish”. I customized his work with a technique that is certainly more material in royal icing on a cookie (about 25cm in diameter), trying to give the maximum sensation of depth with a 3D effect.

-- DolceFlo

it’s such an incredible creation. Love it 😀

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Thank you so much!

-- DolceFlo

Absolutely gorgeous, Filomena! This maybe my favorite cookie ever.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley


-- Angela Natale

Stunning piece

-- Lucia Ricci


-- Torty Zeiko

Many thanks !!

-- DolceFlo

Gorgeous and stunning work!!

-- The Garden Baker


-- Mis dulces tentaciones

Stunning work !!!

-- Monika- MOLI Cakes