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Portugal wonders in sugar Collaboration

The idea of using Portuguese tiles came to me when I looked at holiday pictures. A few years ago I went to Portugal with a friend, everywhere you go you find the Portuguese tiles in all kinds of colours. The second thing that came to my mind was the food; a lot of seafood, (tiger) shrimp, calamari. And the beautiful blue sea. Because of the sea and blue tiles, I start searching for blue Portugean tiles. I used the colours of old buildings and rocks to create the base of the cake. For me this is a wonderful memory of a great holiday: the culture, history, food and much more!

-- Angelique Cake Garden

This is such a fantastic, beautiful work of art! Who would have believed you could make something pretty with sea creatures?!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Great work! Beautiful

-- veroc

Fabulous ❤️

-- Catalina Anghel


-- sugar voyager

Beautiful piece!❤

-- Cornucopia Cakes & Cupcakes


-- Torty Zeiko

Beautiful <3

-- Cake Angel by Marisa Kemp

This is such a fantastic piece and i do relate to it a lot on all the elements incorporated

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Absolutely amazing !!!

-- Monika- MOLI Cakes


-- Darina

Espectaculra, very nice work!

-- Cristina Arévalo- The Art Cake Experience

Gorgeous ❤

-- Olina's taarten