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My daughter’s wedding cake

Considering cake and flowers had to take 2 flights and travel thousands of miles, it fared pretty well. I tried to mimic the flowers and colors she was thinking for her bouquet. The bouquet flowers are not real but they are stunning and some even feel real. We put the bouquet together the night before the wedding, Top cake is a dummy. Cake is raspberry lemon filled with raspberry coulis and raspberry buttercream and covered in MMF. This cake is for a brunch tomorrow with their local friends. The family celebration will be later on in the year.

Beautiful wedding cake, Goreti! And the flowers on it are wonderful! Congratulations to the newlyweds and have a happy life! ❤️

-- Dáša Krettová

Goreti your cake is so beautiful. And your flower bouquet is, as always, gorgeous. I’m sure Melanie was extremely pleased…❤️❤️

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Gorgeous! Congratulations!♥♥♥

Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding, I’m sure she must be so happy with her beautiful cake!!!

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Goreti, you did a fabulous work on your daughter’s wedding cake!
Congrats to the new bride and groom!

-- Clara

So beautiful! Congratulations!!!

-- RadmilaB

Beautiful! Glad it made it to its destination in perfect condition!

-- boricua

Stunning cake and incredibly realistic flowers, Goreti!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Beautiful !

-- Katya

Beautiful cake and congratulations to the newly weds

-- Sinful desserts by Archana

Beautiful 😘♥️😍

-- AndyCake