Its amazes me on how my journey in life has brought me to place where I am settled and at peace with what I do!
What am I on about?
Total tomboy who never cooked or even dreamt of baking! Lol it really puzzle’s my mum when people rave about the taste of my work!
Fashion designer turned Cake Artist, that’s what I am.
I have no culinary qualification, I have never travelled or studied in this field. I am a mum who quit her full time job at the bank , realising there's two things she loves doing more than anything else in the world and that's taking care of her kids and creating amazing cakes!
My teacher and guide GOOGLE! Don’t know what I would do without blogs and help from really supportive Strangers from all parts of the world!

Thats enough abt me ;)


Hi fellow South African! Love your cakes! Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you!

Maggie Gagiano

Hi Maggie, Its so awesome to meet you too! thank you for all your kind words.
Where abt in sa are you from?

Dear Sophia your work nice clean delicate evident that proffesional and just love your designs

Sophia, I am from Centurion in Pretoria. xxx

Maggie Gagiano

Thank You Nivo! Beautiful words coming from a profeesional like urself!!!

Sophia ~ Your cakes are so crisp! Love them, now following and can’t wait to see more!! xx

Kristy, Texas -

Hi Sophia, Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Following you now too. Looking forward to seeing more of you work. Have a lovely day <3 , or

Hi Sophia, Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Following you now too.