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Marie Antoinette - The Royal - An International Cake Challenge

This is the piece I create for " The Royal – An International Cake Challenge " kindly hosted by Bakerswood and amazingly organised by Raquel Garcia, to whom I thank for having me among this Royal Group of Artists.

“MARIE ANTOINETTE” My Piece: My Cookie represents a moment of Maria Antoinette in her living room enjoying the Cupcakes prepared by her Royal Baker Sebastien. I made two cookies, being one the background representing a “Chinoiserie” Screen with some outdoors night scenery, and a second cookie representing Marie Antoinette on her couch comfortable sited and surrounded by elements to compose the scenery. My piece is 100% piped with coloured royal icing, using my own techniques and style on dimensional piping. I used Saracino royal icing powder, edible powders and gel/paste colours by Rainbowdust and Magic Colours Brushes by: GSARN Facebook: IG: BIO: Marta Torres is an award winning sugar artist and is the creative force behind The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres and Marta Torres – Royal Icing Cookie Art. She hails from Lisbon, Portugal. She found her passion for cookies by accident about 6 years ago. She came from the banking and consulting industries and knew nothing about royal icing or cookies but taught herself anyway. After six months of practice she entered a contest and won! This changed her life. She is now an international teacher of dimensional piping techniques with coloured royal icing. She has spent the last 4 ½ years teaching in 30_ countries to over 1,500 students. She is also frequently asked to judge cookie competitions for prestigious competitions all over the world, including Cake International where she is now an Official Judge. She has been featured in many international magazines, either with her work and interviews, and even had a Portuguese publication release a special edition of just her work. She enjoys doing collaborations as it gives her a chance to create pieces that are more complex and challenge her to create more three dimensional and realistic work. Awards: – Winner 2016 EAGA Awards on “Most Inspirational Royal Icing Artist” (Hong Kong) – Finalist at the 2015 Cake Masters Magazine Awards (AKA Cookie Oscars) (UK) – Finalist Peoples Choice Awards 2017 (USA) – Triple Finalist in Collaboration Category for 4 years in a row, having participated in 3 out of the 4 Finalist Collaborations. – Cookier of the year Finalist 2014 To view more of her work please visit her on Facebook or visit her on Instagram @thecookielab _by_Marta_torres

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

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daniela cabrera


Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Stunningly beautiful work ♥️😍

Raquel García

Es una verdadera obra de arte mi querida Marta, mil gracias por aceptar el reto de estar a nuestro lado.

golosamente by linda

Awesome 😍😍😍❤❤❤

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Muchisimas gracias Daniela, Catlina y Raquel


Love the details great


Espectacular 👌 Un trabajo impecable como siempre 👌❤

Cécile Fahs


Rodica Bunea

One of the most beautiful cookies that I have ever seen! The others belong to you, either! :D <3

Un Cupcake, l'Addition !

Royal baker Sébastien approves! Fantastic work!!!

Felis Toporascu

Looks fantastic ❤️

Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes

Beautiful! All those details are amazing!

Zlatina Lewis Cake Boutique

Absolutely Fantastic!

Cake Topperz( TASNUTA ALAM)

Fabulous piece of work ❤

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Marie Antoinette - The Royal - An International Cake Challenge