Ganesha Happy Holi

Ganesha Happy Holi
Ganesha Happy Holi Ganesha Happy Holi

Hello sweet people! this is Ganesha, I did it for the Happy Holi collaboration, organized by Stephanie Would and Cheryl Gaulton, to celebrate Holi, the colorful party
I modeled it with chocolate Saracino and I did gravity, I hope you like it
GAnesha can be found everywhere in India and the different sects within the Hinduism worship him independently. His cult is widespread and extends throughout India and Buddhism and Yainism.

Although he is known for many more attributes, his elephant head is what most easily identifies him.It is often worshiped as Vignesha or Vignesuara, the obstacle remover. Pattern of the arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

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