Dali in Sugar - “Landscape With Butterflies”, 1956

Dali in Sugar - “Landscape With Butterflies”, 1956
Dali in Sugar - “Landscape With Butterflies”, 1956 Dali in Sugar - “Landscape With Butterflies”, 1956 Dali in Sugar - “Landscape With Butterflies”, 1956

As a basis for my creation, I was inspired by the painting entitled “Landscape With Butterflies” of 1956.
From there he had a special fascination for DNA double helix and, according to the information available on https://www.dalipaintings.com about this work, "after reading Watson and Crick’s 1953 article on DNA, Dali stated: “It is the true proof of the existence of God.” As Dali associated DNA strands with God, the viewer may suppose that his addition of the propeller to the insignificant landscape suggests the presence of God and of creation in the everyday world.
According to Guardiola and Banos, the structure of DNA symbolizes the life of God, men who shoot weapons symbolize death and God symbolizes life, the three stages that Dali believed to be part of the human process. Dali used cross-cultural symbolism to represent his ideas reader in a clear way."
Already, as a lover of the life I am, as well as butterflies, I decided to embrace the challenge of creating a mega (butter) cookie about 25cm x 20cm, where the white sugar paste served as a canvas so I could paint a replica of this Dali’s work, as if from a picture with a framed work of art.
In this case, I went to a common (non-edible) frame to create this framing effect and to create the painting, I used the edible gel colors dyes, brushes and alcoholic essence to give life to this creation that took me long hours of much dedication and love.

This piece of sweet Art was created as part of an amazing Collaboration composed by 53 fantastic sugar artists from all over the world, who have come together by the hand of Elisabete Caseiro, to celebrate Dali 30 years after his death. Be sure to view the entire project, it has some incredible pieces of Sugar Art, inspired by incredible Art.

Maria João Gonçalves