Maria João Bolos Artísticos


Maria João Bolos Artísticos

Feb 2016 54 Portugal

Hi! I am Maria João... I was born, I grew up and live in this beautiful island in the Pearl of the Atlantic... Madeira Island, Portugal.
I have a degree in Nursing and in 2011 concluded the Postgraduate Diploma in Art-Therapy, a path that increasingly makes more sense on this journey!
With an academic background in health care, kept while asleep, my great passion for the arts.
Since I was a child that art has always been present in my life. From ballet to piano, through painting, to dance, singing and other artistic variants, art has always been my constant companion, though had never played the lead role.
In mid-June 2006, while I was watching a television program, I discovered another form of art: modeling the sugar. Since then, I realized with great clarity that was comes time to follow (finally) a path that brought me more happiness and more professional achievement, thus embracing this great passion for the arts, body and soul!
Over the years I have clearly realized that this path is part of my mission in life. Everything I do is with soul, with love in every project, in every cake or sweet that I create, I put into it much of me and I firmly believe that only like this we make a difference in the lives of those who pass by us.

Dreams are still many, the journey continues towards realize them!
Welcome to my world of sweet art, full of emotions! <3

MJ <3

-- Maria João Gonçalves


Adelina Baicu Cake Artist

Hi Maria, i absolutely love your creations, new follower here!

il mondo di ielle

Hi Maria! oh wow! Your cakes are work of art!!

Maria João Bolos Artísticos

Hi @Adelina Baicu Cake Artist, thanks a lot! I feel really grateful for your gratifying and kind words! 😍 MJ 😘💝

Maria João Bolos Artísticos

Hi @ilmondodiielle, thanks a lot! I feel really grateful for your gratifying and kind words! 😍 MJ 😘💝