Miguel from Coco

Here is my piece for Cake Internatioanl. I won gold for this 😃 sadly we where not reunited after the show as someone else took him home. Hopefully he enjoys his new home.

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June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Such a wonderful piece…Congrats!! Saw him on FB picks from CI.
I’m so very sorry some unscrupulous person chose to steal not only your piece, but many others at CI. How very sad. Hopefully the CI organizers will address the security issue so this won’t happen again.

The Garden Baker

Wonderful piece! Congrats on the win! I’m shocked though about the thievery. Who would do such a thing! ?

Ana Crachat Cake Designer

Nice work!



Sofia veliz

muy bonito

Dmytrii Puga

Incredible work!


Its such a great piece.
I can not believe how someone can do that.how can you take away someone elses piece!
I know you can remake it.
But it would be the same.
Still congrats on your gold.

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

I loved seeing this at CI-well done. I’m so sorry someone took it-disgusting! Hoping Karma pays them a visit soon! x

Gabriela Doroghy

Awesome piece!!! ❤
So sorry for what happened :(
Hope it will be back…

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Miguel from Coco