Ana Crachat Cake Designer


Ana Crachat Cake Designer

Sep 2014 182 Porto de Mós, Portugal

Hello! My name is Ana Crachat, I am 37 years old and live in Porto de Mós ( Portugal ). I started baking 7 years ago, with a little experience with a christmas cake. Never stopped again.
Since them I made several workshops and masterclasses, and graduated as a professional cake designer in 2017.
I believe that we can never stop learning and I feel I still have so much to do and learn. I face cake design as a fun way to work.
Hope you enjoy my profile and my work.
Thank you for visiting! <3

-- Ana Crachat Cake Designer


Raquel García

Fantastics works my dear!!!You have a new follower …

Ana Crachat Cake Designer

Thank you Raquel! <3

il mondo di ielle

Hi Hana! Your cakes are so delicate..very pretty works!!

Sofia veliz