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Tipsy Wine Bottle Cake

Two of my friends and I are turning 50 this year and decided to celebrate together. The decision on the theme was an easy one. We designed the label and text together, aided by much drinking of red wine during the creation process and the party. And, of course, red wine chocolate cake with mascarpone buttercream; really paired quite well. Cheers!

-- Monika Salkauskas, Twisted Tortes

mdf board threaded rod wire saw drill pliers birthday cake wine bottle cake red wine chocolate cake mascarpone buttercream


Sandra Smiley

This is fabulous! What fun! Happy birthday to you and your friend!

Sue Deeble

What a fun cake

The Garden Baker

Amazingly fantastic! What a delightful cake!! Happy 50th to you all :)


Have a great and funny time with this fab cake 🎂🍾

Raquel GarcĂ­a


Twisted Tortes

Thank you, yes, much fun was had by all! Thanks for your good wishes!


Love it

Dmytrii Puga

Very funny)))

Felis Toporascu


Twisted Tortes

Thank you so much!

Calli Creations

Very clever and so well done

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Tipsy Wine Bottle Cake