Dwarf (Laaf) Dirk

Dwarf (Laaf) Dirk
Dwarf (Laaf) Dirk Dwarf (Laaf) Dirk Dwarf (Laaf) Dirk

May i present to you… myself!! as a dwarf or as they say in Dutch ‘Laaf’

The Laaf is an original character from theme park De Efteling in the Netherlands. This park is foreknown by its original designs and fairy tales. This was my piece for a collaboration we had last year because the theme park has its 65th anniversary. The Laaf is one of my favorite characters so i had no doubts by choosing my figurine.

I build the structure with my new frame components that i will introduce later this year. No it’s not another frameset but components you can use with regular hardware stuff. real cool i promise :)

The modelling work i did with Saracino pasta model. It’s still the best and most unique available at the moment. I hope you enjoy my work