Dirk Luchtmeijer


Dirk Luchtmeijer

May 2014 152 The Netherlands

I'm Dirk Luchtmeijer from The Netherlands and started my company this earlier this year 2015 (www.cakeznfun.nl)

I worked for over 10 years as an audio engineer in a mastering studio near Amsterdam. The last time i made something with my hands was for over 30 years ago i guess :) . 2011 my life seriously changed. I lost my job and the music business could not use my expertise anymore. I freelanced for over a year but could not find any satisfaction. 2012 my wife started making a cake for my daughter...well, that didn't come out that good ;) so i start helping her. After that something changed...for good :P .. within a year my talent popped up like it's coming from nowhere. Totally surprised i won several local events. 2014 was definitely paying off all hard work and passion. After getting gold awarded at national competition i ended up first of class at NEC Birmingham 2014 (small decorative exhibit) That's where it started for me to pick up my tools and start decorating for my life. Now i have been in several countries giving masterclasses and have my own cake studio near home. I guess that cake my wife started was the best thing happened to me :)

-- www.cakeznfun.nl


Zoe White

Love your work!

Dirk Luchtmeijer

thank you Zoe :)

Sweet ObsesShan

great cakes and love your modeling

Dirk Luchtmeijer


Chris Jones

Love your work…looking forward to seeing more!

Calli Creations

You are incredibly talented… Wow

Dirk Luchtmeijer

Thank you all :) i’m flattered

Florence Devouge

love your work! you have a new follower from spain

Dirk Luchtmeijer

Gracias Florence :) nice to hear :)


Love your work,you are very talented. A new follow

Dirk Luchtmeijer

Thank you Nina :)


I saw your work in London and fell in love with mr spock!! so here I am following you!!

Kokoro Cakes by Kyoko Grussu

Hi Dirk, your cakes are outstanding!!! Out of this world😮😮😮.
I’m so glad I came across your work!!!

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Hi Dirk, your work is amazing and I’m a fan of yours. Following you now.