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American Horror Story Painted Cake for Cakeflix Collaboration

Hello everyone,
this is my piece for the wonderful cakeflix collab: A reminescence to my favorite series American Horror Story and my favorite season Freak Show. Handpainted fondant on canvas and handsculpted figure, hat and sack.

Why freak show? Beacuse of it’s touching story, unique aesthetic, music, cast and diversity of characters.

And why Twisty? I was always damned scared of clowns. IT was my childhood trauma. But Twisty brought everything to a new level: I was so fascinated by of his evil being and the sad story at the same time.

I adore the colors and the power of Freak Show, that`s why I created my own Cake Pirate Freak Show: A hand painted Twisty-painting (fondant put on canvas) and a sculpted badass Cake Pirate Twisty Penguin.

Hope you like it, even if it’s really bloody <3 <3
Your little Cake Pirate

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jen lofthouse


Aurelia's Cake

So cool!

Cake Pirate

Thank you so much everyone :)

Sandra Smiley

Fabulous piece!



Cake Pirate

Thank you soooo much dear people. YOu make me feel so proud <3

Rosa Guerra (Tartas Oh by Rosa)

Amazing piece!!! I love every scary detail!!!💖💖💖

Doces Tentações

very good

Aroma de Azúcar


Calli Creations

Fantastic design


Love it

Noreen@ Box Hill Bespoke Cakes

Awesome work.


Cool! !

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American Horror Story Painted Cake for Cakeflix Collaboration