Sugar Art for Autism- Paint me a Rainbow

Sugar Art for Autism- Paint me a Rainbow

Paint me a Rainbow

There is a saying in Sanskrit " tamso Ma jyotirgamaya" which means -from darkness take me to light.

I wanted to redefine “normal” as someone with autism or someone other then who we currently perceive as normal. To add to this the new normal could mean a person who has been able to embrace autism with the correct handling and help from around her. Here the autistic child is actively seeking to be defined as normal. She wants to be able to embrace it with all her strength to be better able to deal with it in the best way possible. This may sometimes only be possible if people around are understanding and educated enough to smoothen the path.

The progress in the person’s ability to embrace her situation is depicted with the increase of hair length and Colour in this design. Our girl is finally set free when she meets the light/path/understanding that she has been constantly seeking.

This peace takes inspiration from 2 art pieces – one of Nora Blansett’s art work and one from Anie knipping