Christmas gift

Christmas gift
Christmas gift
Christmas gift
Christmas gift
Christmas gift

Hello everyone,

My Christmas cake was inspired by the famous movie ‘Home Alone – Lost in NY’ and I chose to depict the final scene, the white turtle dove gift Kevin gives the pigeon Lady.
I used to get so emotional watching it as a child and the message it send incorporates so well what Christmas is all about: being close to your family but also sharing some love with the less fortunate ones who don’t have one nor even a house to celebrate into. I tried to reproduce their face expressions in that moment, those warm smiles full of love and gratitude and the immense joy they felt for having met each other.
Since time was short I decided to pain the rest of the decorative part; I initially thought this will be a drawback to my initial design but I actually loved the result, it was my first time painting on such a big surface and experiencing with royal icing.
I included Macy’s Believe sign because I thought it fitted so well with the theme :-)

Thank you for taking a look, I hope you’ll like it!
Happy Holidays to everyone!


Awesome! Gorgeous modeling!

Anka -

I get so giddy when I see a new cake from you! Those details!!! I mean Wow!!! You captured it perfect! And those boots!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 theres so much to admire!!

Lori's Custom Cakes

Thank you so much, I really love when somebody appreciates my detailing ( unlike my hubby who says i’m being paranoid hahaha )

Awesome!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Gorgeous cake! ! ! Fabulous modelling 💖

Lovely cake!! I love your modelling style!


Il like this one so much Adelina, it is my favorite cake de Christmas 2016 ❤❤❤❤