Mad Hatter (CI Birmingham)

Mad Hatter (CI Birmingham)
Mad Hatter (CI Birmingham)
Mad Hatter (CI Birmingham)
Mad Hatter (CI Birmingham)
Mad Hatter (CI Birmingham)

Hi lovies!!

I share with you my Mad Hatter sculpture made for Cake International Birmingham display. Sorry for the bad quality but I’ve made most of the work there and I hadn’t nothing better than my mobile.

Thanks so much to our team Twisted Sugar Artists, Karen Keaney, Calli Hopper and her kind husband Martin, Christine Craig, Daniel Diéguez, Jacqui Kelly, Janette MacPherson, Mayte Rodriguez Gigante and Laura Loukaides, it has been such a pleasure being part of this amazing display! Hope you like it!! ♥ |||


Ooh, so perfectly done! Amazing modeling!


Amazing talent!!! Inspirational work on this…😊

Impezionante! <3 Me encanta la última foto en tu taller. Espero que los twisted sugar artists hagan más cosas juntos :)

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

Such an incredible creation. Congratulations!

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Oh my wow blown away!!!

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Perfect, just perfect, always blown away by your work Isabel, well done! X

Who did the cake?

Dearest Isabel, firstly, how wonderful to finally meet you gorgeous lady, and to meet your mad hatter too, who absolutely blew me (and all who saw him) clean away!!!! The mastery in your sculpting is incredible and as you know, when we took it all down, he went to a good home!!! He’s amazing!!!

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