Beatrix Potter- The Sugar Chronicles

Beatrix Potter- The Sugar Chronicles
Beatrix Potter- The Sugar Chronicles
Beatrix Potter- The Sugar Chronicles

I was delighted to be a part of the celebration of 150 years of #BeatrixPotter. A group of talented artists collaborated to bring to life, in sugar craft, the delightful characters of Beatrix Potter, this is my contribution. If you are able to get to #TheCakeandBakeShow in #Manchester this weekend, you can see the entire display there. If you follow this page, you will be able to see more as well..

Painting detail: Beatrix, aged 19, with “Xarifa”, her pet dormouse. Her hair was cut short here, apparently for health reason after a short illness. Xarifa was later added into her story “The Fairy Caravan”. I used her illustration of Xafira and repainted it onto her hand. I used cocoa butter on Pastillage. The frame is made from Satin Ice Gum paste mixed with a little modelling chocolate. She has now gone to a good home I beleive, im delighted!!

Huge thanks to Louise of for the invitation to participate. congratulations on its success at the Show.

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Gorgeous!!!! I’m in love!!! 😍😍😍

Floralilie Sugar Art

This piece takes my breath away! You have such a beautiful talent, Calli!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

It is unbelievable. MAGNIFIQUE ! !!!!


Absolutely breathtaking Calli 😍😍 I’ve been showing all my clients today at work and everyone has been truly amazed! ❤️

Outstanding piece, Calli!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Your artistry is so good!

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Incredible painting….. and that mouse!

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Oh Calli, that is so wonderful! I love Beatrix Potter and this is such an amazing tribute to her.