Personalized 3D CAKE PRIVATE CLASS with Tina

Personalized 3D CAKE PRIVATE CLASS with Tina
Personalized 3D CAKE PRIVATE CLASS with Tina
Personalized 3D CAKE PRIVATE CLASS with Tina
Personalized 3D CAKE PRIVATE CLASS with Tina
Personalized 3D CAKE PRIVATE CLASS with Tina

Here there are the photos of the cake that we did during the personalized private class for Tina Scott Parashar. It has been a five days class in which I have taught all the steps to Tina to do 3D cakes. She wanted to do a whole humanoid body in real size with special interest in the head, that’s why I decided to add two. We begin for constructing together the structure, the creams and the masses to be doing stepwise this piece of 210 cm of height with about 100 kg of weight. 100 % cake except the structure. The work was late on having increased the scale of the project in the last moment, since this piece at first was going to be of minor dimension, to complete the course without problems it must have been of at least six days. So the following day, lamentably without Tina which flight already had taken off, I shared the cake in the Cultural Center Green House of Willow grove. Initially approximately thirty persons approached only, but there was a village party near and the people told to each other and moved along and finished the being approaching people of the party commission to takethe cake to all and even the almost complete arms and the wings. This draconian two-headed warrior was stuffed of ganache softly of chocolate with milk Callebaut with sponge cake of vanilla in very thin layers, very juicy. The ganache of coverage was elaborated by chocolate of 54 %. The tart was decorated by plastic chocolate and wafer paper. Painted with the airbrush, gel and powder colours from Magic colours. The personalized classes are available for cake craft fans or professionals who, as Tina, want to be formed in any of my techniques. The design and the programming of the class is completely personalized and adapted to the level of the student. This one has been a five days class. Tina is a great student and I think that for the result it is evident that she has finished the class with honors. I have happened a few excellent days sharing with her my technniques from the base and the design up to the transport to the event. We hope that you like the result. If you wish information about my classes send a message to the page or e-mail to

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist


What an unforgettable and amazing experience for Tina! I love the end result x

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Holly cow Daniel, this is insanely mind-blowing! You never cease to impress, thank you for being an endless source of inspiration!!

you are a genius! Congratulations to Tina who is also highly talented.

What a result!

Oh my word! So many amazing cakes in the same place at once!

Colossal! Incredible work. Congrats Daniel and Tina.

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Wow, absolutely gorgeous !!!

Monika- MOLI Cakes

Congratulations to you both!!! Wow, it’s absolutely incredible!!! What a team!! 👏👏

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