Retro Romance. My CI entry

Retro Romance. My CI entry
Retro Romance. My CI entry Retro Romance. My CI entry Retro Romance. My CI entry Retro Romance. My CI entry

This is my first entry into CI and my story.
Firstly I must say that the competition was brutal and unfortunately my cake didn’t comply with the rules and was therefore not placed.
Even though I used a food safe material (toothpicks) to place my flowers, I should have still used a posy pick 😟
Lesson learned!
However, after speaking to a head judge about my entry I was given some constructive criticism.
She really liked my cake! She complimented me on my neat ruffles. She said my geometric design was really neat with perfect spacing. She said that my sequins were perfect. What she also told me to bear in mind was my line up of each tier. She said that the height of my flowers could have been better and I could have used more detail with my gold leaf on the top tier.
So I asked her, if all of those things were done and I used posy picks for my flowers, where would she have placed me?
She said that I would have been a very high Bronze/Silver and I have really good skills! She then invited me to enter a professional cake competition in January!!!
At this point I got a little emotional, thanked her, held my head up and walked away.
I’m so going to enter this competition again! I’m determined to do better and show them that I can do it!
Well done to everyone who entered the competition, I realise now how tough it can be! But I still love it 😊
CI Birmingham 2016, see you next year! Xx

Daisychain's cakes


I love it , keep trying you did a wonderful job!

Tampa, Florida

Your cake is so beautiful!!! Looks perfect for me!!! ♥♥♥

Floralilie Sugar Art

Lovely design!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Love it. Gold next time!!

Combe Cakes

Aww thank you all for your lovely comments! Everyone has been so lovely and it really means a lot 😊

Daisychain's cakes

Beautiful, I love the geometric tier

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx