Pele Bust: 60th Cake

Pele Bust: 60th Cake
Pele Bust: 60th Cake
Pele Bust: 60th Cake

This was a sculpted bust cake of Pele (famous Brazilian footballer of quite a few years ago now) I made for my hubby who celebrated his big 60 a few weeks ago.
Hes a huge football fan and also used to play for many years… and hes still pretty fit!! Hes always spoken of Pele being his ultimate football hero, so I had a bash at trying to sculpt him… and boy it was a comedy of errors from the start , including once side collapsing. but never mind, I patched it up and he was so made up with it!!
His favourite very boozy Fruit cake with marzipan covering and then sculpted with modelling chocolate and bronzed. There is an internal structure to help keep it upright. It was celebrated at a smarty-pants restaurant I treated him too (hes so worth spoiling) with a host of friends and family.
a fab evening had my all
He doesn’t look like Pele, something I still need to work on… in my mind he looks like the rat pack singer Dean Martin hahahahah

Thank you for looking.

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Wow! It really is amazing what you are able to do with cake!

Wow wow wow !!! Absolutely amazing! Great work !

Monika- MOLI Cakes

I am not familiar with Pele, but this is such gorgeous work, Calli! I agree, give him longer hair and he is Dean Martin for the world! Happy birthday to your sweet husband! XOXO

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Haha, such a funny story! I think he does look like Pele ( Dean Martin has a bigger mouth ;-) )It looks phenomenal, would’ve never guessed it was cake!

Oh I recognised him straightaway!!! Fab Fab job!!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

I have know idea what he looks like but he looks great! So clever x

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