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Amazing Vietnam

This cake i have made back in june for my Dad’s birthday.

He was born in Laos, but his root is from Vietnam. So i wanted to create something related to him (as last year a sewing machine and a dress because he’s a tailor). A beautiful Vietnamese girl in its traditional clothe selling lotus flower (national flower of Vietnam) and my Dad’s favourites fruits – banana, watermelon and Durian (stinkfruit).

If you already have been in Vietnam, there’s lots of women carry the huge baskets on their shoulder to sell every kind of stuff…

Thank you for looking.
Khamphet xx

-- Khamphet

saracino modelling paste satin ice fondant edible colours modelling tools scissor brushes ecacto knife birthday traditional pagoda pagoda cake fruits flowers lotus flowers durian watermelon banana model basket yellow celebration vietnam


CakeHeaven by Marlene

Beautiful work! Awesome!

Znique Creations

Just Beautiful Khamphet!

My Sweet World_Elena

Beautiful work Khamphet!

Felien-Decor 'N Dessert Diva

Beautiful Khamphet!!❤️


Lovely Khamphet xx

Enza - Sweet-E

It’s so beautiful hun xx

Michelle's Sweet Temptation

Wow Khamphet-look at the creativity level .

jen lofthouse


Sandra Smiley

Thesis amazing, Khamphet! Beautiful!


Incredible!! Beautiful

Sweet Dreams by Heba

You did an amazing job and something to be proud of!! :)


so lovely

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Wonderful..terrific modeling..



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