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Transylvanian Birthday Party

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share with you this Hotel Transylvania themed cake, one of my favorite projects as it was for a very special little girl and also because it portrays so joyfully the Romanian legendary Dracula story!
I had so much fun modelling all these different faces but I have to admit that the little girl really put my patience and untrained skills to the test … I definitely bit off more then I could chew when I decided to make it resemble the birthday girl but I do love a challenge :-) In the end though, after many failed attempts, I was happy with the result and learned a precious lesson.
The birthday girl was more impressed with Frankenstein :p)
Many thanks to my wonderful husband who is studying photography in his little spare time just to help me with the photos :-)

Thank you for taking a look!
Happy baking to all!


-- Rita Cannova


-- Anka

wauw that is awesome

Amazing! Perfect job!

-- Anka -


-- Teri, Ontario, Canada

Oh how awesome!!!

-- Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Oh my word!! Fantastic!

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-- Ivana

Woow, thank you all so much, I’m honored by your lovely comments, I really appreciate all the support!

Wow !!! So cool !!!

-- RR

Amazing madly in love with this!!!!!

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